daniel dewar & grégory gicquel

Melbourne, June 2006. The story of an exhibition.


We love Channel 31

Channel 31 has been a precious companion and a constant source of amazement. The community TV show the most weird things: home-made videos showing local rock band concerts, Tai-chi for old people in the morning, guys that are reenacting Andy Warhol's Interview show on Saturday night (The Ugly Stick), hot-rods and cars race in the desert during the afternoon (Rodders life), Chinese opera, lessons on how to make good oil paintings (Ken Harrison's Masterclass in Oils), fishing trips, biker competitions, serious talking about foosy ['babyfoot' in French] every Friday night, transexual's hot shows in the night. whatever 'community' you think of it is there. We are not afraid to state that Channel 31 is the most crazy and creative thing that we've seen in Australia. And it's a pity that artists aren't acknowledging this.