daniel dewar & grégory gicquel

Melbourne, June 2006. The story of an exhibition.



While the 'boys' are under pressure, stuck with modeling clay all day, I'm busy at home working on the blog. Well, I know something now: it takes a whole lot of time to blog on a daily basis! One should not forget to take notes about the many places and people they have encountered. Then of course a blog would not be a blog without photos! Is the blog community only made of strange beings that keep documenting and scrutinizing their daily life in an obsessive, time-consuming way? As Carry Bradshaw would say: But if we spend too much time blogging, what's left for real experience?
I've arranged to escape the blog-trap by organizing a whole bunch of visits to artists studios, galleries, and art spaces. Melbourne has more than four museums presenting contemporary art, and dozens of artist-run spaces. And, obviously, thousands of artists. It's THE artists' city, and that should keep me busy for the next two weeks. Like many other places round the world, Melbourne's art institutions have adorned themselves with 'contemporary' finery, i.e. show-offy architecture. While ACCA looks like a tormented Richard Serra, the premises dedicated to contemporary art of the National Gallery of Victoria is now located in the Liebskind-getting-nuts architecture of Federation Square. (To be continued)

One of VCA's buildings