daniel dewar & grégory gicquel

Melbourne, June 2006. The story of an exhibition.


On the piss

We have many guardian angels in Melbourne: Jacqui, Geoff, Vikki, Edouard... The two artists Amanda and Katie might be our fallen angels. Thanks to their fantastic dedication to our well-being, we've been experiencing Melbourne's night life intensely. The bar Hell's Kitchen has become our den since they have their studio above. Our night perigrinations give us the opportunity to listen to some genuine Melbourne rock bands (The Casino). And to end up in pubs watching the Mundial on a late schedule. Soccer fever is spreading since Australia has beautifully beaten Japan. Hard to follow France's games. Maybe because we're not really convinced by "Les Bleus"' performances.
But all the best things come to an end. The very long days spent in the VCA's ceramic studios don't allow any more hang-overs.